04 April 2017
ANALYSIS – NIR technology is being used by animal feed producers throughout the production process to help monitor variability of raw materials and finish feeds with the end goal of reducing feed costs.

Tess Burkin, marketing development manager at AB Vista, speaks with ThePoultrySite’s Sarah Mikesell at IPPE in Atlanta.
“At IPPE, we’ve been talking about the use of NIR to reduce feed costs through various services,” said Tess Burkin, marketing development manager at AB Vista. “AB Vista offers a service called Feed Quality Service. It’s an online NIR service, and it can be used by customers through accessing an online portal.”

The portal is accessible through the AB Vista website. Customers can use a bench top NIR machine to take a spectrum, and then upload it onto the online portal. They’ll receive immediate results of key parameters that can help monitor variability throughout the production process, helping support important decisions like supplies and formulation decisions.

Feed Quality Service can be used to measure proximates, as well as phytate-P, reactive lysine and energy

“NIR is a really valuable way of helping monitor variability in different dimensions, and the feed quality service can certainly help customers achieve that,” said Burkin. “Different NIR technologies, both bench top and emerging services such as handheld technology, can all help support those customers who are looking to ensure closer quality control throughout the production process.”

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