Extermination of one-day-old laying hens in Germany from next year

German Agriculture Minister Julia Klackner has declared it illegal to eradicate male chickens from next year.
According to the International Section of the Iranian Agricultural and Food Industry Information Base (AGNA); Speaking on the occasion of the start of “Germany International Green Week”, Ms. Klackner said the Cabinet had signed a draft law banning the mass slaughter of one-day-old male chickens, making it the first country in the world to do so. N.

He said the move was a significant step towards animal welfare: “Unfortunately, this practice is everywhere in the world.” But I do not find this morally acceptable. Therefore, we will be the first country to legally ban the extermination of chickens.

In the first place, poultry farmers are required to use technology to prevent the birth of male chicks by identifying the sex of the animal before it lays. From 2024, the draft law requires poultry farmers to use methods that prevent the birth of male chicks in the early stages of the incubation process.

About 45 million male chickens are currently slaughtered in Germany each year because they are neither suitable for meat production nor for the laying industry.