Inconsistency of government institutions at the expense of producers and consumers

Mehdi Masoumi, Chairman of the Board of Importers of Importers of Drugs, Additives and Biological Livestock and a member of the Board of Representatives of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce, said that various government institutions in the poultry and egg industry are decision makers and policy makers. said.

The supply of livestock inputs, especially for the poultry industry, has become a serious challenge these days, and the shortage of inputs has progressed to the point where forecasts suggest that chicken and egg prices will rise significantly in the second half of the year. One of the reasons for the turmoil in the input market is that due to the rising value of the dollar and the devaluation of the national currency, the import of inputs has reached one-half of last year, leaving poultry farmers with food problems.

Mehdi Masoumi Esfahani, a member of the Tehran Chamber of Deputies and active in the poultry industry, said in this regard: The poultry industry operates very simply; If the raw materials of this industry are supplied, the production of chicken and eggs will be done on time. If the raw materials are not provided to the poultry farmer, production will be reduced or of poor quality. However, the raw materials are provided by the government and the foreign exchange is provided by the Central Bank, which is responsible for the production of the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture, and the determination of the price of products is within the authority of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade. Therefore, poultry farmers have no authority in decision-making and decision-making.

He added: “Anything that happens in the market, whether it is expensive, cheap, shortage or abundance, the government is responsible for it.” In such cases, the poultry farmer should not be blamed for killing the chickens or for the high cost of eggs and chickens. The problems that have arisen are due to the actions of government institutions, and they must solve them in coordination with each other.

Mehdi Masoumi continued: “Since the beginning of this year, the supply of production inputs has been irregular and the chicken and egg market is also affected by these conditions.” Therefore, it is necessary for government agencies to sit together and solve their problems and provide. As livestock and poultry activists, we also produce eggs and poultry.

“Breeders and poultry farmers are losing money,” he said. “On the one hand, farmers are buying inputs at a high price. he does. For example, if the price of an egg is one thousand tomans, the poultry farmers will be informed that they must sell their product at a price of 800 tomans, and this will cause losses to the poultry farmers.

“We have no production problems,” he said, referring to some speculation about chicken and egg imports. If there is currency that is to be spent on importing poultry or eggs, allocate it to importing inputs so that poultry farmers can continue to produce.