The situation is incredibly red and unbelievable on the way.

The messages say: “From today for two weeks, very dangerous and deadly days and sad and very sad days and a great catastrophe are on the way for our compatriots, so that all families will experience this disease for themselves and their loved ones, and it is possible.” In this way, some are treated and, unfortunately, do not survive.
🔻Dear compatriots, please pay attention to this message to all your relatives, friends, friends, and acquaintances.

1) Any non-emergency going out of the house is prohibited

2) Going and coming and playing a limited game (at least forbidden)

3) One of the family members is a shopping agent ‌ Do your daily shopping once every 5 days ‌ It is forbidden to go shopping without gloves and alcohol ⛔

4) If you buy bread, take a clean bag and put it inside and freeze it before consumption, then consume it because you do not know about the health of the worker and Shater, so it is forbidden to consume bread before freezing ⛔ (further investigation in this regard)

4) Do not take your phone or wallet with you. Put a bank teller in a bag. Dip it in alcohol. ممنوع⛔

5) Put a bag outside the front door, soak the gloves in alcohol, then put it inside the bag and enter the house, so it is forbidden to enter the house with gloves on.

6) Spray all the shopping bags with alcohol on the surface you prepared beforehand and leave the purchases. After moving and disinfecting the purchases, soak the surface in alcohol and then throw it out with a clean paper towel.

6) Car handles ساختمان The elevator of the building should be regularly serviced and direct contact with these objects without latex gloves or paper towels is prohibited ⛔

7) Any going to the market, ‌Passage, cinema, etc. is prohibited ⛔