The price of each kilogram of livestock inputs has increased up to five times

According to ITPnews, the average price per kilogram of poultry eggs is 4 tomans, while the market regulation headquarters had set the price at 4 tomans. At present, the price of eggs, including the exchange rate of 4 Tomans for inputs; It is 4 thousand and 3 tomans, while the inputs do not reach the producer in foreign currency. The price of micronutrients has increased at least four to five times and the price of vaccines has increased about four to five times. Right now, in the input market, it is not just a question of scarcity, now there is no input. Yesterday, the hen bought soybeans for 2 Tomans and today its price has reached 4 Tomans. The price of each kilogram of corn in the market has been announced as 3 Tomans. If this trend continues, poultry farmers will also send their young chickens to the slaughterhouse. There is also talk of a plan to deliver raw input to feed mills and ready-to-feed delivery to producers: There is no good experience in this area, and some mills have made producers pessimistic, which is why poultry farmers do not turn to them for purchase. If this plan is to be implemented, it must be under the supervision of the organizations themselves. In the sense that it buys or rents out companies or factories or contracts with them, in which case the project will succeed.