The Ministry of Jihad for Agriculture was responsible for regulating the wholesale chicken, egg and meat market

According to the Iranian Agriculture and Food Industry Information Center, Kazem Khavazi stated at the extraordinary meeting of the Market Regulation Headquarters: “In line with the Supreme Leader’s orders, there is very good coordination between the relevant agencies, especially the Ministry of Silence, the Central Bank and the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs.” With the approval of the economic headquarters of the government, the task of providing all agricultural, horticultural and livestock institutions has been assigned to the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture.

He added: “Orders will continue to be registered by the Ministry of Silence and the rest will be managed by the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture in coordination with Customs and the Central Bank, and we hope this decision will lead to an abundance of inputs for dear producers.”

Khavazi stated that it was also decided to regulate the chicken and egg market, which is the main necessity of families, to the Ministry of Jihad for Agriculture at the wholesale level, noting that the production of chicken, eggs and red meat in the country We are in a good situation and there is no need for people to worry.

He stressed that the Ministry of Silence will continue to regulate the chicken and egg market at the retail level.

Referring to the good communication between the relevant devices, Khavazi expressed hope that we will see a good situation in the market in the coming months.

The Minister of Jihad for Agriculture stated: “Also, today, the market regulation headquarters approved that the issue of regulating the meat market, like the approval of the government’s economic headquarters, be at the wholesale level at the behest of the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture.”

He expressed hope that with these decisions, people will be able to provide the food they need safely.