The approved price on chicken and eggs was required

In yesterday’s market regulation meeting, it was approved that the approved price of poultry and eggs be written on their packaging and all poultry farmers’ needs for livestock inputs be met at the approved price.
According to the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture, based on the allocation and delivery of 100% livestock institutions at approved prices for the production of chicken and eggs, poultry slaughterhouses and egg production units were established according to the announcement of the Veterinary Organization and the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture. Include the consumer price on the package.
Note) Regarding the determination of criteria and the process of formation of consumer prices in poultry slaughterhouses, it was decided to hold a meeting focusing on the secretariat of the market regulation working group and the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture and the presence of representatives of relevant agencies.
Therefore, the approved price of each kilogram of chicken is 20,400 Tomans, the approved price of each egg is 1,100 Tomans, and in a package of 30 pieces, based on its weight, the price of each comb is 31 to 33 thousand Tomans.