Rapid increase in corn prices due to unavailability in the market

Argentina’s export restrictions have led to a short-term shortage of corn in international markets, as well as a sharp rise in corn prices. Previously, it grew significantly, reaching 15% more than the contracts at the beginning of December. The main reason for the fluctuation is the Argentine government’s decision to stop exporting corn due to the drought, which is expected to produce much less crop than in the past. Since the 2020 harvest, Argentina has accounted for almost 90% of its 38.5 million tonne stock. Has issued. The purpose of stopping exports is to store the rest of the crop to ensure the availability and supply of domestic needs as well as the preservation of the country’s strategic resources. Due to limited corn in Brazil and Ukraine, corn buyers must now turn to US suppliers. This is especially evident in the case of a country like China, which is said to have had a very disappointing harvest in 2020 and, according to Rabobank, is experiencing rapidly declining reserves. The main reason for China’s growing demand is the ongoing rebuilding of its pig breeding sector, which has lagged behind with the outbreak of African swine fever.