Modification of soybean meal rates and its effect on chicken prices by the sponsoring organization

The Acting Deputy Minister of Internal Trade of the Ministry of Silence announced the correction of the price of soybean meal in the meeting of the Market Regulation Headquarters and said: the protection organization is obliged to investigate and announce the effect of this change on the price of this input and the final price of chicken.

According to the public relations of the Association of Importers of Drugs, Additives and Biological Livestock, quoted by Tasnim News Agency, Mohammad Reza Kalami, Acting Deputy Minister of Internal Trade of the Ministry of Silence, regarding the approvals of the 104th meeting of the working group of the Market Regulation Headquarters, said: He improved soybeans and it was decided that soybean meal would be offered at the entry points of 2700 Tomans.

He pointed out that this rate is set at all entry points and transportation costs will naturally be added to this rate: This decision is due to the need to balance the supply of livestock and poultry inputs in the market and since field studies It shows that the increase in world prices of meal and grain, as well as its related costs, is such that there is no necessary incentive to supply soybean meal, and part of the market deficit, in addition to currency restrictions and transfer, was the same lack of incentive. Taken.

Regarding soybeans, the head of the Deputy Minister of Internal Trade of the Ministry of Silence also said: the selling price of soybeans at the entry points was approved at 2650 Tomans, to which transportation costs will naturally be added.

Kalami further stated: The protection organization was also obliged to calculate the effect of price reform of these inputs on the price of final products such as chicken and submit it to the market regulation working group so that this working group can issue a license to the provincial market regulation working group Continue to take action.

The head of the market regulation headquarters stated: It was decided that a committee with the responsibility of the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture will put on the agenda a revision of the import tariff on soybean meal, as well as the supply rate of imported rapeseed meal and rapeseed oil and other foods such as full fat. Announced approved prices.