Lupine (Egyptian bean) as a soy substitute for broiler feed

Researchers have found new sources of protein for broilers but need support for the entire supply chain to ensure they are both economically viable and available as a sustainable source.

At the NFU Annual Poultry Research Seminar, it was discussed that research on alternative protein sources is ongoing. Before these products can be commercially viable, there are still barriers that need to be overcome.

ABN Senior Nutrition Director Brian Canyon said the poultry sector needs an alternative source of protein. He added that Britain currently imports 3 million tonnes of soybeans a year, of which 2 million tonnes are meal and 1 million tonnes are soybean seeds.

The seminar raised questions about the environmental impact of the new crop, its sustainability and safety, which Mr Kenyon said had in the past depended on poultry seeds in the UK, but lupine with higher protein levels (38-34%). ) And high fiber (10-12%) promise a new development in the food sector. Their protein levels are higher than bean seeds (26-28%) but lower than soybean meal (46%).
Source: Agna