Existence of impurities and fraud in livestock inputs

The head of the Deputy Minister of Livestock Production of the Ministry of Jihad for Agriculture said: “In some very limited cases, the presence of impurities in the meal transported to the destination of feed mills has been reported, which could be due to any profiteering of fraudsters in the transportation route.”
Mehrab Faraji, Advisor to the Minister and Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture, sent a letter to the Director of Public Relations and International Affairs of the Ministry of Jihad, confirming the Tasnim News Agency report on the impurity in some livestock inputs. He announced the profiteering of fraudsters in the way of transporting inputs from various customs offices of the country to production units.
According to this report, due to the confirmation of the existence of impurities and fraud in livestock inputs, although to a limited extent, it is necessary for the responsible agencies to carry out the necessary monitoring and investigation.

Adding waste to soybean inputs not only wastes poultry farmers’ capital by using this product, but also consumes consumer rights because some of these contaminants may be transmitted to the consumer through the consumption of this product.