Laying concentrate 2.5% and 5% of type A and B growth

Arian Roshdavaza laying concentrates are designed in 3 stages to meet the needs of different stages of laying hen life. The analysis of the company's concentrates is based on the average need of common strains in the country and is presented to the market. However, concentrate formulations can be customized based on the needs of Highline, LSL, Nick Check, Shaver and Bowens strains. Laying concentrates of Arian Roshd Avaza Company are 2.5% and its consumption during the period is 25 kg and is fixed.
2.5% pulp concentrate:
This concentrate meets the bird's needs from the first day until the bird reaches 5% production. The rich and balanced analysis of this concentrate provides a breeder with ideal weight and body condition and suitable production potential for the breeder. Ensures adequate levels of nutrients during the breeding period, poultry with appropriate maturity, high production percentage and shelf life, and quality and marketable eggs.
Concentrate 2.5% of production period (types A and B):
Two concentrates have been formulated and produced for the laying hen production period. Type A can be used from 5% of production until the bird crosses the production peak and production is reduced to 85%. Type B is set to continue the production period from 85% of production to the end of the production period. Typically, type A is consumed from week 18 to 45 and type B from week 45 to the end of the period. The high levels of nutrients provided in the concentrate provide a complete and balanced diet for laying hens and will best affect production performance and shell quality.
If it is decided to use concentrate during the breeding period, type B will meet all the needs of the bird in this period and will prepare the chicken for the next production period.