SKYSTONE Betaine Hydrochloride

Betaine hydrochloride imported by Arian Roshd Avaza Company (Ara) is a product of Skystone China.

Betaine has three methyl groups and participates in methylation reactions as the donor of the methyl group with other organic substances. Therefore, it plays an important role in energy and protein metabolism. Among the important functions of betaine are the following:

  • Improve feed conversion ratio (by helping with energy and protein metabolism)
  • Increase water retention within cells (help enzymes function in aqueous medium)
  • Improves egg production and egg shell thickness under heat stress
  • Improving carcass quality (by reducing belly fat and increasing the weight ratio of poultry breast muscle)

Betaine may directly and indirectly improve the performance of animals with coccidiosis. Betaine indirectly supports the structure and function of the damaged intestine (caused by Eimeria). Betaine can also directly inhibit the growth of Eimeria parasites (the cause of coccidiosis).

Consumption of betaine for broilers is 1 to 2 kg per ton of feed. In addition, the use of betaine will reduce the need for choline to some extent.