Allocation of $ 6.5 billion for imports of livestock inputs

Allocation of $ 6.5 billion for imports of livestock inputs

Livestock and poultry quotas were sealed until the end / Distribution of 10 million tons of input this year

The head of the Commercial Services Office of the Deputy Minister of Commercial Development of the Ministry of Jihad for Agriculture noted: the input quota set for livestock and poultry farmers has been sealed until the end.

Hassan Abbasi Maroofan said: Livestock inputs include soybean meal, corn, barley and oil meal, which after being oiled from oil seeds, the meal can be fed to livestock.

He continued: in the first 7 months of this year, more than 10 million tons of livestock inputs were distributed, of which about five million and nine hundred thousand tons of corn and the rest of the barley was soybean meal.

The official introduced the market system as a distribution system for livestock inputs and added: the Deputy Minister of Livestock and Poultry Affairs of the Ministry of Jihad for Agriculture determines the quota of farmers in the provinces according to the number of poultry hatcheries and exploitation licenses.

Abbasi Maroofan continued: Livestock and poultry producers pay the cost of buying inputs in the market system. All information after depositing money in the system is determined when the purchased input will reach them.

According to him, the quotas for livestock and poultry farms have been sealed until the end. The price of inputs in this system is offered at the government price.

Referring to the approved rate of livestock inputs, the official clarified: 1900 Tomans per kilogram of corn, 1850 Tomans per kilogram of barley and 3400 Tomans per kilogram of soybean meal.

Abbasi Marufan in response to the question that some poultry farmers and ranchers believe that the quota is not enough for them, do you agree with such a view? He added: "The commercial department of the Ministry of Jihad cannot be held accountable for the adequacy of the quota, and this criticism does not reach our department. I must say that the Deputy Minister of Business Development of the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture is responsible for giving input to livestock and poultry producers. Has paid until the end of October.

Referring to the free purchase made by some livestock and poultry producers, the official noted: Corn, barley and soybean meal are produced in the country, but they do not have an approved price, and supply and demand determine their final price.

He described the quota for livestock producers as normal for livestock producers and added: "The quota for raising 2 kg chicken is 4.5 kg."

Abbasi Marufan in response to the question of how much currency was allocated for the import of livestock inputs? He said that more than 6 billion and 500 million dollars of livestock inputs entered the country.