Egg Exported Decrease in Iran

Last year, Iran exported 35,000 tons of eggs, but in the current year, with 10,000 tons so far, the country experienced a decrease, according to the chief of Iranian Laying Hen Union.

“Since the beginning of the year, Iran has exported 10,000 tons of eggs to Afghanistan, Qatar and Iraq, while last year the egg export had been estimated 35,000 tons. Iran has experienced a significant decrease” said Reza Torkashvand, the chief of Iranian Laying Hen Union.

A big reason of this is the time that Iran spent to fight against avian flu. In fact, because of avian flu in Iran, Turkey took the place of Iran in Iraqi market. It is too difficult for Iran to returning to market.

During the recent months, the price of corn and corn meal has increased by %25. It affects the final price of egg too.