Central Bank prioritizes government currency for corn, barley, oilseeds, and oil

Ahmad Reza Kalami, Deputy Minister of Internal Trade of the Ministry of Silence: We oppose the sale of raw materials, and this should happen when we can convert the raw material inside. Exporting products in raw form is one of our challenges that we must face because we have the ability to process different materials. […]

The price of each kilogram of livestock inputs has increased up to five times

According to ITPnews, the average price per kilogram of poultry eggs is 4 tomans, while the market regulation headquarters had set the price at 4 tomans. At present, the price of eggs, including the exchange rate of 4 Tomans for inputs; It is 4 thousand and 3 tomans, while the inputs do not reach the […]

The monthly loss of one-day-old chicken producers reached 350 billion tomans

The head of the Association of One-Day-Old Chicken Producers said: “Considering the production costs, the losses of poultry farmers have reached 350 billion Tomans per month.” According to the public relations of the Association of Importers of Drugs, Additives and Livestock Biologicals, the president of the Association of One-Day-Old Chicken Producers said in an interview […]

Reducing the consumption of livestock inputs by implementing the national plan for the production of large broiler chickens

With the implementation of the national plan for the production of large broiler chickens, the consumption of livestock institutions will be saved. The Deputy Minister of Livestock Production of the Ministry of Jihad for Agriculture stated in the meeting of the “National Broiler Breeding Program (Size Chicken)”: “Different meetings have been held for this national […]

The currency has created a rent of 4200 Tomans

The distribution of inputs in the market is deviant and there is no control and supervision in it. An example is that since the beginning of 1999, 3,500,000 tons of corn have been cleared from ports, but unfortunately only 1,100,000 tons have been distributed through the market, where is the rest really? !! Or what […]

A Norwegian startup wants to turn the Dubai Desert into an agricultural land.

A Norwegian startup wants to turn the Dubai Desert into an agricultural land In early March, a team from Norway traveled to Dubai and planted watermelon, squash and pearl millet in a desert plot. Five months later, the dry land was filled with rows of green leaves marked by freshly grown fruits and vegetables.

The meat and poultry market will stabilize soon

According to the Iranian Poultry Information Center, the Minister of Jihad-e-Agriculture stated that with sufficient supply of livestock inputs, the chicken, egg and red meat markets will soon be stable and balanced. There is enough and soybean meal will be imported within the next 15 days. Regarding the increase in the price of protein items […]