100,000 chickens related to 2 poultry farms were lost

100,000 chickens belonging to two poultry farms lost due to corona outbreak due to closure of slaughterhouse in England

Lack of extra capacity in the British slaughterhouse industry means that more birds will die if more slaughterhouses are forced to suspend operations.

Richard Griffiths, chief executive of the British Poultry Council, expressed concern about a possible shortage of poultry in the country. Protect the corona completely. We must prioritize the health of the people in our community.

Published statistics show that 80 workers who worked in the cutting department tested positive for corona, and now the entire cutting section of the slaughterhouse is closed with 350 workers.

The slaughterhouse controls 7% of the UK poultry processing market and in 2018, it processed one million birds a week through its slaughterhouse.