Arian Roshd afaza (Ara)

In 1379, with the vision of providing services to industry activists through the effective provision of nutrition and health needs of livestock, poultry and aquatic animals has started. They have defined the production of the best types of food, concentrates and supplements along with scientific support as the company’s mission.

This group has always tried to establish a link between domestic needs and global achievements of the industry, and to achieve this goal, while establishing, maintaining and promoting relationships with all groups active in the industry, has established extensive relationships with reputable global manufacturers and always provides products. Has tried with the highest quality.

Arian Roshd Avaza (Ara) family is happy that it has been able to have a significant share in meeting the needs of the domestic market by gathering industry experts in the fields of production, sales, science, business, advertising and support.

Participating in exhibitions, holding seminars, sending experts and veterinarians of the company and visiting production and breeding units and providing expert opinions in order to improve breeding conditions and diets throughout the country are some of the activities of this company in effective and distinctive service to its activists. Arian Roshd Avaza Company (Ara) hopes to use the valuable experiences of the past and benefit from the opinions and suggestions of esteemed colleagues to be able to play a greater role in increasing the efficiency of the livestock, poultry and aquaculture industry.