Meat concentrates

Arian Roshd Avaza Company, considering the history of several decades of complete import of micronutrients required for the production of livestock and poultry feed and understanding the need of the country’s poultry farmers for a high quality concentrate, using experienced poultry nutrition specialists, decided to produce concentrates. 2.5 and 5% of meat is dogmatic.

Since broiler chicken needs nutrients and dietary composition varies in different climatic conditions of Iran, Arian Roshd Avaza Company has designed and marketed four types of meat concentrates at four levels of nutrient analysis. The concentrates of this company have been formulated in two stages (A and B) in order to fully meet the need for nutrients throughout the breeding period and to keep the consumption of 25 kg per ton of feed constant.
In summary, the benefits of Arian Roshdavaza meat concentrates can be summarized as follows:
1- The proposed 7-step diet to meet the more precise needs, minimize stress to the bird and reduce feed prices
2- The two-stage concentrate and more accurate supply of the bird’s needs for nutrients
3- The amount of two-stage concentrate consumption is constant from the beginning to the end of the breeding period
4- Using the best sources of dicalcium phosphate and monocalcium phosphate together
5- Use of heat-resistant phytase in all types of concentrates
6- Using plant growth stimulants to increase appetite and improve weight, conversion ratio and yield
Use of betaine along with choline chloride to improve liver function and herd health, as well as reduce heat stress
8- Using baking soda in order to better balance the cation-anion balance of the feed
9- Using high amounts of antioxidants to maintain the quality of vitamins and increase the shelf life of the concentrate
10- Using the best minerals in the country with the highest percentage of purity and the lowest amount of heavy metals
11- Using pure vitamins from the best European brands