The monthly loss of one-day-old chicken producers reached 350 billion tomans

The head of the Association of One-Day-Old Chicken Producers said: “Considering the production costs, the losses of poultry farmers have reached 350 billion Tomans per month.”

According to the public relations of the Association of Importers of Drugs, Additives and Livestock Biologicals, the president of the Association of One-Day-Old Chicken Producers said in an interview that the one-day-old chicken market has no definition: is not.

He considered the price of one-day-old chickens equal to edible eggs and added: “Currently, the cost price of each one-day-old chicken is 3,500 tomans, and the supply at current rates indicates a monthly loss of 300 to 350 billion tomans for poultry farmers.”

Criticizing the grammatical production of day-old chicks, Faraghi said: “Considering that the surplus of production and losses of producers of day-old chicks is the result of grammatical production, therefore, the market regulation headquarters should buy the surplus of one-day-old chickens.”

The head of the One-Day-Old Chicken Producers Association continued: “According to statistics, 125 million chickens were produced in August, which despite the losses of producers due to order production, raises the question of why the market regulation headquarters does not buy surplus production?”

The official pointed out that the export of one-day-old chickens is not significant, and said: “Despite the strict export conditions and the collection of duties of 5,000 Tomans for chicken exports, it is not possible to export, and if exported, it will not be effective.”

Surplus of 40 million fertilized eggs
He announced a surplus of 40 million eggs, equivalent to 8 million one-day-old chickens a month.

The head of the Association of One-Day-Old Chicken Producers concluded by pointing out that the increase in the price of chicken has nothing to do with the shortage of chickens.