The need to revive Arian with indigenous knowledge

The importance of reviving a native chicken line in the country called “Arian” prompted officials and experts to formulate and implement a program entitled “National Plan to Promote the Safety and Health of Chicken”.
Food production and supply is the most important part of countering sanctions in any country, and a country that does not seek self-sufficiency in this area will be easily removed from the scene of global interaction by world powers.
If you see today that countries claim to be superpowers and have the right to interfere and threaten themselves in the affairs of other countries, it is not just because of their leadership in the manufacture of weapons and military equipment.
The former Soviet Union had a variety of advanced weapons and space technologies, but collapsed due to its inability to feed its own people.
The Great Ottoman Empire experienced the same situation in World War I. Today, the United States produces more than 10 times as much food as the European Union, on average more than five times as much as its population needs.
This volume of production is not only to prevent sanctions by other countries, but also to make it possible for other countries to impose food sanctions.
Therefore, it is very important for our country to be able to achieve self-sufficiency in food production as well as the necessary basic inputs in the production of strategic agricultural products, and today the way to deal with sanctions, according to the Supreme Leader, is to become stronger to be safe from sanctions.
Following the cruel international sanctions and the ban on the export of foreign breeds of poultry to the Islamic Republic of Iran last year and following the order of the Supreme Leader, the national Arian Poultry Rehabilitation Program has been approved and implemented with the focus on the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture and the participation of various agencies and organizations.
The continuation of this embargo meant the complete cessation of the country’s chicken meat production chain, which accounted for 71% of the Iranian household protein basket; More precisely, this threat meant the cessation of poultry production in 1400 and the creation of a national crisis in the field of food security; But thanks to God, the Islamic Republic also created an opportunity for this new threat.
The wise orders of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution and the emphasis of the President and the special efforts of the Minister of Jihad-e-Agriculture on the revival of the Arian Line chicken became a turning point in order to free the country’s poultry industry from foreign dependence.
Implementation of national programs “Rehabilitation of Arian Line Poultry” and “Poultry Breeding Age Management” to promote the safety and health of chicken meat with the focus on the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture and 18 agencies and institutions involved in ensuring food security in the country from June 2016 Took.