The first export of Turkish poultry products to China took place in November

After a decade of trying to enter the Chinese market, Turkey finally delivered its first direct export of poultry products to China early last month.

According to the Turkish Poultry Producers and Producers Association, Turkey is currently one of the world’s top poultry exporters, sending more than 500,000 tonnes of poultry products to 81 countries.

Statistics show that about half of these exports go to Iraq. Other markets are Libya, Congo, Syria and the United Arab Emirates.

However, entering the Chinese market is an important turning point for Turkey, given the large number of people and its appetite for poultry products such as chicken legs.

Entering the Chinese market is expected to increase the annual value of Turkish chicken exports from $ 50 million to $ 70 million. The average price per kilogram of chicken sent to China has not yet been announced