The effect of pre-slaughter measures on the quality of chicken pieces

Spraying water with proper ventilation during storage in the slaughterhouse improves the quality of meat after processing.

Research shows that if heat stress is reduced when keeping chickens before slaughter, water holding capacity, impedance and breast structure of broilers are improved.

Proper ventilation and water spraying can prevent heat stress in broilers and have a positive effect on their meat quality. In many countries, this method is used only in hot summer conditions.

Products that were sprayed with water, properly ventilated, frozen, and defrosted had the highest pH, better breast color, and the lowest cooking loss.

The meat of these chickens with the above treatment compared to other products, in the microscopic structure shows less water and less tissue damage. With water spray and good ventilation after transportation, heat stress in live birds is reduced and meat quality is improved after freezing and re-freezing.