The central bank released the amount of currency allocated to livestock inputs

The Central Bank announced that in coordination with the Ministries of Silence, Jihad, Agriculture and Health, it has provided a total of more than $ 5267 million in foreign exchange during the first six months of this year.

🔹 According to some comments in some media regarding issues and problems related to the supply of livestock inputs and basic goods at the rate of 4200 Tomans, the amount of foreign exchange provided for the import of these goods is explained in order to enlighten public opinion:

جاری During this year, according to the decree of the government’s economic headquarters, the ceiling of 8 billion dollars of foreign exchange at the rate of 4200 Tomans in order to provide basic goods with a difference of 5.5 billion dollars for basic commodities (corn, oilseeds, crude oil, meal, barley and wheat) in Was considered.

In the first six months of the year, it was decided to provide $ 4 billion in foreign exchange to import basic commodities.

🔻According to the latest statistics, the provision of foreign exchange by the Central Bank at the rate of 4200 Tomans, from the beginning of the year until now for the import of the mentioned items is as follows:

🔹 Corn; $ 1446 million

🔹 Oil Seeds; $ 714 million
🔹 جو; $ 202 million
🔹 Raw oil; $ 757 million
🔹 Meal; $ 509 million
🔹Wheat; $ 290 million