Sunglasses guide for men

In essence, sunglasses are a practical being. I say ‘being’ because considering how big a role they currently play in the modern man’s life (the sun’s always out and shining somewhere in the world) – they might as well be elevated to a slightly sentient status.  

However, they are not just a practical soul, for decades they have been our go-to fashion accessories, born to replace the days when a man was trendy if he owned a gazillion and one hat.  

 Today sunglasses have a dual purpose; they exist to shield your eyes from harmful UV rays (in fact doctors recommend that you wear sunglasses whenever the sun is out, no matter if this occurs during a winter snowstorm because apparently, this time looking the sun can be the most dangerous!) whilst letting you express your individual styles and keep up with the latest fashion trends.  

 Sunglasses are a fashion staple that, like us, humans, come in many different shapes and sizes. Below is a brief of some of the most popular fashion forward styles for men:  

All hail the Aviator

Aviator sunglasses, otherwise known as ‘Pilot’ sunglasses, were first made popular by the brave fighter pilots in WW2. Since the 1930’s they have been acknowledged and embraced by men around the world. The Aviator has a naturally strong, masculine appeal, and is a design that is timelessly cool. Ray-Ban is notorious for their production of the revered Aviator, however today a multiplicity of other designer brands have made this shape their own, so you will never be stuck for choice.


The Wayfarer sunglasses first came into fashion back in the 1950’s. It is a style that was flaunted by some of Hollywood’s elite movie stars and had has since filtered down into the realms of the masses where they have remained forever cool.  

Saying the Wayfarer is trendy is an understatement; it is a powerful design with a uniquely stylish character.