WILMAR ruminal fat powder

Walfarin DP-1603 fat powder is a product of Wilmar Indonesia, the largest producer of palm oil and fat powder in the world. This fat powder is completely natural and is produced from plant origin (palm oil).

Walfarin DP-1603 fat powder contains at least 99% crude fat and provides the animal with higher energy with the same amount of consumption as soap fat powder. This fat powder contains 98% of saturated fatty acids, which increases the percentage of fat and milk protein, and with about 85% of palmitic acid, it has the highest amount of palmitic acid (C16: 0) among the fat powders available in the market. .

Walfarin DP-1603 fat powder contains BHT antioxidant, which prevents the oxidation of fatty acids. The melting temperature of this product is about 58-63 degrees Celsius and it is completely solid and stable at storage temperature and during transportation.

The benefits of using fat powder include increasing milk production, increasing milk fat, preventing metabolic diseases and increasing the duration of lactation.