Growth Peristarter (PLUS)

Due to the importance of the first week in raising broiler chickens, nutritionists of Arian Roshd Avaza Company have started to produce Prestarter Plus for the first week of the breeding period. According to scientific research, the proper weight of the first week has a significant effect on the weight of the slaughter; So that each gram of higher weight at the end of 7 days will increase the final weight by 10 grams. Growth Peristarter Plus contains raw materials with high digestibility and very precise balance of amino acids, which leads to better absorption of nutrients and thus better growth in later stages.

Features of Growth Pre-Starter Plus:
Growth Peristarter Plus Based on the latest scientific advances, the profile concentrations of all amino acids have been balanced using five different protein sources, leading to improved growth and increased herd weight early in the rearing period.
Growth pre-starter Plus due to having special probiotic and prebiotic compounds increases the digestibility of food and the development of small intestinal mucosa villi and creates a suitable and useful microbial population during the early ages of breeding.
Growth pre-starter Plus increases growth, immunity and rapid absorption of the yolk sac, as well as the faster development of the gastrointestinal tract, which is necessary to achieve sufficient weight in the first week of the rearing period.
Growth Peristarter Plus due to the presence of toxin binder compounds and acidifiers, as well as the application of strict and strict quality control principles in the preparation of raw materials prevents the occurrence of stresses due to toxin contamination and quality loss due to fungal activity.
Growth pre-starter Plus with the help of blood buffering system leads to proper anion-cation balance in the feed.
Pre-starter Plus Growth It should be noted that vitamins and minerals play a vital role in the immune system of the bird, and due to the fact that different amounts of vitamin levels during the process of heating, production and transfer are accompanied by a significant decrease. Arian Roshd Avaza Company has prevented this level reduction by considering a higher percentage of the above items.

All products of Arian Roshd Avaza Company, including Peristarter Plus Roshd Avaza, contain sufficient amounts of antioxidant compounds that prevent the degradation of vitamins and unsaturated plant fatty acids in the final product and bring the least oxidative stress to the bird.