Toxin Binder TOXYNIL DRY

TOXY-NIL DRY, as a multi-component binder toxin, is the most effective adsorbent of mycotoxins (toxins caused by fungal activity) and stops the growth of fungi and molds in livestock and poultry feed, which due to their adsorption properties. Intense, used with low consumption in diets and therefore there will be enough space to supply nutrients in the feed.
TOXY-NIL DRY is a binder toxin consisting of active adsorbents and organic acids. The most important constituents of this toxin binder are aluminosilicates, yeast cell wall (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), calcium propionate and citric acid.
TOXY-NIL DRY This product affects the most important mycotoxins common in livestock and poultry feed, including aflatoxins, ochratoxins, ziralenone, fumonicin, ergot alkaloids and trichotoxins, while preventing economic losses. Improving the final weight, increasing feed consumption and production, as well as improving the immunity and health of livestock and poultry.
TOXY-NIL DRY, with its special chelating agents, forms stable compounds with polar mycotoxins in the gastrointestinal tract, which in turn reduces the speed of food passage and improves their digestion and absorption. It also improves final performance by neutralizing non-polar mycotoxins and reducing their levels in livestock and poultry feed and products.
TOXY-NIL DRY with zeolite pores and abundant channels, has very high levels of absorption for fungal toxins. This toxin binder improves animal performance without interfering with food and medicine and without the need to stop consumption before slaughter, and ensures their health by not depositing in the products and products of livestock and poultry.
TOXY-NIL DRY is a binder toxin in which the size of the absorption holes related to aluminosilicates is modified in such a way that it binds specifically to mycotoxins, thus preventing the absorption and removal of micronutrients in the feed. This process prevents the deterioration of feed quality and maximizes productivity.
TOXY-NIL DRY rapidly absorbs mycotoxins and therefore does not allow toxins to be absorbed through the intestine. This absorption is irreversible so that it does not release the toxin to the end of the gastrointestinal tract.
TOXY-NIL DRY is an imported product of Arian Roshd Avaza Company and manufactured by Nutrri-Ad Company of Belgium and has an EU license.
TOXY-NIL DRY is supplied in 25 kg polyethylene bags and should be stored in a cool and dry condition.
To evaluate the immune system and performance of broilers, studies were performed on 110,000 broilers during a 42-day rearing period at the Nutri-Ad Research Institute in Belgium. ) Was significantly increased by monocytes and granulocytes, which indicates an improvement in the function of the bird’s immune system.
Also, feed conversion ratio and daily weight gain in birds consuming Toxil Nile Dry have significantly improved, which is shown in the following chart based on percentage. Reducing the growth of fungi and preventing the production of mycotoxins by consuming toxil Nile Dry in comparison with the control treatment (control) can be seen in the diagram.
Recommended consumption:
Poultry: 0.5 kg per ton of feed and 1 kg per ton of feed in severe contamination or long-term storage. Maximum consumption of 3 kg per ton of feed.
Livestock: 15 to 20 grams per head of livestock per day depending on the amount of production.