Poultry farmers’ desire for hatching has decreased

The vice president of the country’s poultry farmers’ association said: “With the decrease in the desire for hatching, at present, the production of one-day-old chickens has reached 105 to 110 million pieces in the country.”

According to Mehr News Agency, Habib Assadollah Nejad, stating that the government has not fulfilled any of its obligations regarding the supply of inputs, said: “The continuation of the current trend in the supply of inputs will cause more and more serious challenges to the chicken market.”

He said: “Currently, it is very difficult to provide inputs for poultry farmers and also the prices have reached several times the approved rate.”

Assadollah Nejad added: “For example, soybean, which is one of the main inputs, is now supplied with free currency instead of government currency, and its price is 4 times the approved price; So that this product, which should reach the poultry farmers at a price of less than 4 thousand Tomans, is currently supplied with more than 12 thousand Tomans.

The vice-president of the country’s poultry farmers’ union added: “This issue has caused the production units to act in hatching and fear, and this issue will reduce production and increase prices in the poultry market in the near future.”

Assadollah Nejad continued: with the decrease of the desire for hatching, now the production of one-day-old chickens with 105 to 110 million pieces of fish has reached; While the country needs between 115 and 120 million chickens per month.

He said: “It is expected that the challenges of providing input from the government will be solved as soon as possible and poultry farmers will be able to provide the required institutions without any worries.”