Each kilogram of rotab reached 70,000 tomans

While a large amount of dates remained in the market since last year, the price of this product has increased unusually with the beginning of Ramadan and the relative increase in demand, so that each kilogram of rotab is sold for up to 70,000 Tomans.
Annually, 8 and a half million tons of dates are produced in the world, of which 1.2 million tons is Iran’s share as the second largest producer in the world, and every year a large volume of dates produced due to lack of proper marketing and demand is forced to enter It is a conversion industry, but nevertheless, due to leaving the consumer market, the price per kilogram of rotab has also touched 70,000 Tomans.

Journalists’ field observations show that each 700 gram package is sold for 36,000 to 55,000 tomans, while previously it was 23,000 to 29,000 tomans. Also, the price of each kilogram of honey dates is from 24,000 to 25,000 tomans to 30,000 tomans. It has increased by 34 thousand tomans.