Construction of Roshd sports hall (for women) in Abdanan, Ilam (signing of memorandum)

Doing sports activities in schools is not only an important necessity for educating a healthy generation and having dynamic students and
It is energetic, but it is the best opportunity to institutionalize the culture of sports among the future creators of this frontier. Creation
Positive and dynamic attitudes in students, strengthening the motivation to try to learn, reducing anxiety, anxiety and stress and raising
Self-esteem and peace of mind are among the approaches that have been targeted in the field of education for school sports.
In this regard, and considering the promotion of the attitude of education experts towards the importance of sports in adulthood, other activities
School sports, as in the past, should not be limited to exercise bells and morning exercise programs. Due to the pervasiveness
Cyberspace wastes the time of a large number of students on social networks and other opportunities and desires for sports and
Physical activity does not remain for them. Exercise, especially in adolescence, also promotes the health and strength of adolescents in the sudden events of life

Undoubtedly, engaging in sports and physical activity is essential for everyone, but its importance for girls, given the
The special physical and even social conditions that boys go through are twofold. Nevertheless, the girls have to pay
They have much more limited opportunities for sports activities. Maybe boys the possibility of local games and competitions in the streets and squares
Have the city if the girls are deprived of this minimum. Lack of specific budget, lack of desire and willingness of sponsors,
Cultural problems, mismanagement, etc. are other obstacles to the development of girls’ sports

Based on this, on the twentieth anniversary of the establishment of Arian Roshd Avaza Company (Ara), a memorandum of understanding for the construction of Roshd Sports Hall in Abdanan, Ilam city, with a 600 square meter infrastructure was signed and put on the agenda with the Association for Supporting the Development of Educational Spaces. In this meeting, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the CEOs of Arian Roshd Avaza Company (Ara) and the sponsoring association and in the presence of public relations officials of both parties.